Tuesday, 30 September 2014

PvP Minecraft (season 2 poster)
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This is a little poster I did for the Season 2 Premier of Cal and Dan Play Minecraft over on Podcast vs Player.

The design is based on events that happened during the build up to the finale of Season 1, but, Dan accidently destroyed our base (Bum Base Alpha) during some pre-show antics.

Hence the title "The End of Bum Base Alpha".

For the work, as always, I used digital pencils, inks and brushes and the canvas is 1080x1920.


I've been drawing for a long time, and I'd often sit with my dad when I was younger (much younger) and we'd just sit and draw. He'd help me, teach me, and just boost my confidence in general. Traditional drawing is a big part of me, but, I choose digital work over conventional (pencil, paper) as it opens up a whole new way of creating a piece. Or in a simpler way; I make lots of mistakes.

Digital art makes correcting mistakes so much easier, and in turn, I'm always happy to attempt something I wouldn't even think of if I was doing it traditionally.

As you'll see with some of my work, I'll do the base drawing on paper, then use digital inks, but 9/10 I'll do the whole thing digitally as it's far less time consuming.

I also do most of my work on my Galaxy Note 4, as I have it with me all the time. The S-Pen, designed and created by Wacom is very responsive and durable, and the Sketchpad for Galaxy app that it comes with is just amazing.

Author, Artist, Presenter/Host for Podcast vs Player, Video Editor, Graphic Designer.

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