Sunday, 28 June 2015

Mighty Boosh POP Art: Honour Piece
This isn't a usual post, nor is it intended to be perceived as anything other than what it is; a picture. But to me, this is a memory, a token, just a little something that made me feel a little better when things wasn't as they should be.

I'll be honest, this post has sat in 'draft' for a while now, a lot longer than it should have, and I don't know why. Everyone else was showing how they felt, but somehow, it didn't seem right that I should too.

I suppose I should tell you what this all is, and I will, but without any details, for this is not my place to say. Very cryptic, I know. Recently, the world lost a momentous person, someone I've known for over 9 years, give or take, yet it wasn't someone I would call a close friend, because we wasn't. We knew each other, and we had plenty of parties, lot's of laughs, and I had an incredible admiration for him. He was a terrific person. An immensely talented graphic designer, and an even more talented musician who genuinely was poised for great things. 

He knew my girlfriend and my now second family before I did, and he treated them with the most up most curtsey and friendship (when he wasn't daring my brother-in-law to shit in our waste paper bin), he was considered part of the family. I'm incredibly close to his dad, whom I look up to as an additional father in my life, but also as a dear friend whom my own son admires already, never far away when cuddles are offered. He knew and lived with my best friend, and we didn't even know any of us knew each other for months, it was bizarre. 

However, he was taken from us all, suddenly, cruelly, and unforgivably and it's something that I don't think will ever sink in, not just for me, but for anyone that knew him. It's because of this, that I was reminiscing, and I remember him being stood in the street when I was heading to catch the bus to go home, I had a Mighty Boosh DVD in my hand and we began talking, previously unaware the two of us shared a mutual love for the Boosh. We spoke for quite a while and I missed my bus. 

It's not even a funny story, it's barely a story, but it always stuck with me, and so when I thought about it, this seemed the most appropriate way for me to remember you.

Until we see each other again in the Tundra;

Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave 

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This should be on every pub wall

Inspired by a great man, The Mighty Boosh, and Missy Star for the visual inspiration.

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