Monday, 20 July 2015

PvP - Left 4 Dead 2 Preview
So last night saw myself and fellow Podcast vs Player host Dan spend an evening designing this loading screen for our Left 4 Dead 2 video. It may have taken us until 3:00am, but I'll be totally honest, the outcome (however awesome it may be, if I do say so myself) doesn't tell you just how much effort went into this. Every little detail was intentional and each intricate part was discussed. 

The overall plan was to get the loading screen as close to the original as possible, but still looking unique enough to be it's own thing. The premise is simple, we've used a alot of mods for our gameplay, so, instead of Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle, it's Batman Beyond, Predator, Deadpool and Juliet (Lollipop Chainsaw). 

The line "Torches aren't the only thing being flashed" is both a play on words to the original line "Prices aren't the only thing being slashed" and also a reference to another mod; the topless Megan Fox flashlight; which is actually hidden in the poster (with Cal and Dan heads covering her nipples!).

Then there's the Safehouse post-it's...they're being us.

Anyway, here is the finished product, 100% created by myself, with Dan's keen eyes and instructions helping create one of the most fun projects I've done. There is also a screenshot, courtesy of Snawsome Sauce, for reference as to what the original looked like.

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Screenshot from Snawsome Sauce

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