Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Long Overdue Update: What's New?!
A long overdue update! So I've been pretty busy, writing some stuff for WP Comics, writing, drawing and creating my own solo comic Held Up By Heros™ (which you can read the beginning of here) and working on new content over on Podcast vs Player as well as planning and celebrating my son's 2nd birthday!

So, on with the update, I've been trying out a few new styles, one of which may end up being the new logo, or at least inspire a new one, which, you can see below, then a concept poster using it as a logo.

The last piece is something that may or may not start a new 'series' of work, based on certain song lyrics. I got the idea for the piece whilst my girlfriend, son and I were driving to Ikea of all places, and we had a playlist in the car, with one of the songs being Pvris: Fire. It's actually a pretty cool song, but the lyrics "you can't cheat death when you're digging your own grave" I really liked, and gave me the idea for the last piece on this post. which, I may use as a springboard to do more lyric stuff.

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