Thursday, 24 September 2015

Comic/Movie Message Posters - (Batman and Star Wars)
Another idea for yet another form of series, this time with posters with meanings. I'm not even sure if 'meanings' is the right meaning, but basically a series of posters that have a theme behind it, so, in the case of the Batman one below, the 'meaning' is simple: Batman (the Hero) created the Joker (the villain), so without one would not be the other, or to that degree.

The Star Wars one is more about Anakin not believing in the light side of the force enough to resist the power that the Dark Side promised. 

For each piece, the silhouette of both young Bruce and Anakin is meant to be somewhat of a realisation, that each was brought into their foreshadowed future before they could really grasp on the now.

Or it's just to emphasise they were both kids at some point. Who cares!

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