Saturday, 30 July 2016

Broken Pony - Amped Series (Volume 1)

So you may be aware, that my collective work all falls under Broken Pony, that's all my art, books, music, videos outside of Podcast vs Player. If you've followed my work, you' see I'm a big fan of 80's, neon style art, with a big influence from James White, possibly my favorite 80's style artist. He did all the art for Far Cry: Blood Dragon, one of my most highly treasured games; it just oozes 80's glam neon, which is just outstanding.

Anyway, I've decided to collect all my 80's style work into the 'Amped Series' with the first piece being a revamp of the Broken Pony Stallion, which has seen many makeovers so far, but for now, this is the new piece.

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