Archer: New Vegas Piece for Obsidian©

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So after the Archer Protocol work I did for Obsidian© (see the posters and the trailer here and here), I decided that I'd go down a different route for the next Archer inspired project, this time, Fallout: New Vegas.

In the poster, we have Archer standing front and center, sporting a Vault Suit and Pip-Boy, whereas (from left clockwise) we have Lana, Ray, Cheryl, Krieger, Cyril, Malory and Pam, whilst Barry looms over the gang.

Obsidian© seemed to like the work, as did a good few people on twitter

We then posted it over on the Podcast vs Player Instagram account, where Obsidian© then shared it with some other folk! 

Including the ever so awesome Fallout_Temple, where it's steadily growing in likes and comments, so thank you very much!