Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Langley Shivers NEW BOOK TITLE & COVER

I'm excited to announce, that after working on it on and off over the last two years, my third book in the Langley Shivers series now has a title, a target publication date and now a cover!

Story wise, I've had three different drafts that I've been switching between, (which doesn't include the many, many, many drafts that have been thrown away) but now the story is mapped out, the first few chapters are finished, and now a target publication date of 'early 2017' is in place. As with my last two books, Blurb Books are taking the honors of printing, and the title will be available on their store (softcover, hardcover and digital editions) whilst I'll also be sending a copy to Apple and Amazon to see if we can make it a hat-trick to get the third also available on the iBooks Store and the Kindle Store again.

Very excited, but this means that Honest Jack will be taking a back seat until then (although that just means there won't be a weekly update, but a monthly one will take it's place for a while). But excited nontheless!

The cover and the title, as mentioned, is now finalised:

"Langley Shivers and the Fantastic Arcane of Etcher"

and here is the cover:

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