Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Bioshock Infinite Neo-Minimal Poster

Bioshock Infinite is a gorgeous game, and one of the best in the series (granted, there's only been three games, but still!) and as a gift for one of my birthdays, fellow PvP Presenter, Dan, brought me the 'Art of Bioshock Infinite' which is both a brilliant book for fans of the series and art alike.

However, the artists of Bioshock Infinite (which I wont name as there are quite a few!) are immensely talented and creative, and I didn't even want to try and replicate their style.

So, I decided to go for a very minimal, yet punchy piece, which, although not intended, is very similar to the poster art for 'La La Land'. Which I've never watched by the way.

All done in Photoshop and Krita, with a Wacom Intuos Pro, mouse and keyboard.

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