Callum Povey has been interested in art since he was a little scamp. With tuition from his dad, Callum has covered most aspects of free hand work. Sine 2012 however, he started and continued his journey into the world of digital art. Armed with his Wacom Intuos Pro, Photoshop, Krita, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Art Rage Studios, Callum began his adventure of dabbling in the vastly different realms of digital art.

Using the social app PenUP, Callum gathered a following, who, for reasons unknown, seemed to like his work. Since then, Callum has created a vast portfolio, ranging from comic book characters, to TV characters, movies and many more, as well as original content, including artwork for his current book series 'Langley Shivers', and his upcoming series 'The Fable Protectors'.

Broken Pony Studios is the collective work of Callum Povey. Ranging from artwork, written work (including, but not limited to, books, articles and lyrics), music, video media, downloadable content (wallpapers, icons, avatars) and commission work.

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